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With the Covid-19 pandemic, Telehealth Counseling or telecommunication is essential. I've brought all of my therapy, consultations, groups, and workshops online. For several years I have been offering secure and HIPAA-Compliant sessions for individual, couple, group and workshop participants who want professional support. Generally and in better times, you can save money, time, and traffic stress. People who live distances from one another can easily connect on specific topics that I am trained and experienced in. This includes my area of expertise with coercive influence in abusive groups and relationships, high demand groups and cults,  motherless daughters or early parent loss, and recovery from loss and grief. For any client with challenges in living, telecommunication is an option.

Telemedicine includes the practice of health care delivery, diagnosis, consultation, treatment, transfer of medical data, and education using interactive audio, video, or data communications. Telehealth can also involve the communication of medical/mental information, both orally and visually, to health care practitioners.

Telecommunication is a broader term that I use with educational online workshops and individual sessions. It involves communication, both orally and visually, with one,  a couple, or group of individuals, all of whom can see and hear one another in an interactive, educational format. I add psychoeducational resources relevant to issues for a particular group, individual, family, or couple based on what I've learned from clients, other professionals, trainings, and scholars.  Educational telecommunication sessions are offered to individuals who may not have access to anyone in their area that they feel comfortable with, or who can help them with their specific issues.

In online workshops or individual sessions, clients often report that they feel as though they are talking in a common space together.  Some report that their anxiety is reduced from what they experience in office sessions.

I use secure Zoom. Zoom provides a free app for you to download only once. You'll need a built-in camera with your computer or one you can easily attach to your screen. Some people have more auditory clarity with headphones. Some people use their IPhone if they're away from home or need privacy. I will send a link that you click on to begin an individual, couple, or group session or to join a workshop. I request payment via PayPal on the "Make a Payment" page or, preferred, Zelle from your bank to mine with no fees prior to the scheduled session and I charge the same fee if you and I were in the office together.

If you are interested in telehealth or telecommunicaton, please let me know when you call (415-785-3513). I will answer your questions, discuss your needs, and provide appropriate forms to you so we can get started!

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