Signs of an Unhealthy Relationship

Signs of an Unhealthy Relationship

Danger Ahead

Warning Signs of Unhealthy and Unequal Relationships

SUPERIORITY: The primary characteristic of an abuser.

• Does he tell you what to do?

• Make most of the decisions?

• Does all the talking?

• Blame you?

• Is critical of you?

• Gives you an ‘allowance’?

• Tells you what to wear?

POSSESSIVENESS: He thinks he owns his victim, even after separation

• Is he jealous & possessive?

• Does he check up on you?

• Accuse you of cheating?

• Want you all to himself?

• Put down your friends and family?

• Scare you?

• Make you afraid of his reactions?

• Pressure you to have sex whether you want to or not?


• Expects females to do the shopping, cooking and cleaning.

• Expects boys to be tough and strong.

• Expects females to be weak and submissive.

• Expects females to obey.

• Expects males to be the king of the household.

Retrieved, Center for Domestic Peace (2014)

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